Glocal PLACE

Glocal PLACE is a nonprofit organisation seeking to increase citizen participation and more inclusive policy-making by creating meeting points for sustainability initiatives.


It stands clear that no single type of governing body or public entity will create a sustainable future by itself. As a consequence, citizen participation is not only a final policy target on its own but also a key component in solving a wide range of sustainability challenges. A strong civil society, in cooperation with governments, municipalities and businesses have the capability to enable a more inclusive, fair and equitable approach to sustainable development.


Glocal PLACE works for increased citizen participation and a more inclusive policy-making on both an international and a local level. By creating a network that allows the civil society to connect with natural counterparts within the government and business sector we will enable new and more effective initiatives run by the citizens themselves. Glocal PLACE is currently involved in creating a local physical sustainability centre and using a city-to-city based approach to cooperation we are establishing an international network to share and connect with projects around the globe. Whether it is through digital platforms or centres such as Kommendanthuset in Malmรถ we believe that exchanging ideas will be a key ingredient in facing the challenges of tomorrow.


Join Glocal PLACE in supporting the switch to a sustainable society!